Terms and conditions



These terms and conditions set out detailed provisions of contracts for the rental of vehicles with IcePole Car Rental (Icepole Car Rental ehf.) – Id: 521011-0410 – VAT: 119112 – Njarðarbraut 1e – 260 Reykjanesbær – Tel: + (354) 869-1887 ;  + (354) 777-5600 and shall apply to all vehicle rental contracts. 

The Renter shall be responsible for the rented car from the time it leaves IcePole Car Rental office until IcePole Car Rental registers the car as returned in its system.


A vehicle may be rented out to and driven by a person aged 20 years or older and at least 23 years old to rent and drive a Jeep. The driver must present a full driver’s license which he has held for at least 12 months, at the start of the rental. 


The minimum rental period is two days – 24 hours for rentals picked up and returned to the same location. It´s regarded a full day when the drop off is one hour or more after the pickup time.

 The rental period may be extended only with the costumer consent.


After the rental period, the Renter shall return the rented vehicle to the same location from which the vehicle was picked up.

If returned to non-IcePole Car Rental area customer can contact us 24/7 at mobile + (354) 869-1887. 


We reserve the right to substitute vehicles when the reserved car models are not available.


On pick up, and drop off the rental car fuel tank shall be full. For the missing liters, we will charge the Renter´s credit card.


After a rental contract is made, the customer shall make a prepayment equal to the rent amount and additional charges for additional services for the rental period specified in the rental contract. Payment can be made in cash and in a non-cash form.

Local value added tax (VAT) is 24%


In Iceland, it is mandatory for young children to travel in safety seats while in a vehicle. Child seats are available if pre-ordered. These child seats are suitable for children aged from 6 months up to 4 years or more of age.


 To guarantee your reservation, we require a valid credit card. We charge your credit card at booking.

Cancellation policy is as follows:

Cancellation 30 days prior or more - no charge.

Cancellation 15 to 29 days prior - 10% charge.

Cancellation 7 to 14 days prior - 15% charge.

Cancellation 6 days prior or no-show - 30% charge.

VAT is included in all costs and is non-refundable.


Third party liability is equivalent to the amount stipulated by Icelandic law at each time. The law also applies to the amount of personal driver blame. Included in your rental are Third-party coverage and personal accident insurance.


CDW insurance is included the price, the driver liability more than ISK 200,000,- for 2wd and 350,000,- for 4wd. If the renter has already purchased CDW insurance, he can buy SCDW  insurance and by doing so lower the self-risk of CDW down to ISK. 35.000,- on 2wd and ISK. 65.000,- for 4wd (For now the SCDW is inclusive in the rental).

The renter is always responsible for the following damages, which are not covered by CDW or SCDW insurance:

negligence, driving while intoxicated, damage to tires, headlights, windscreen and the underside of the car, damage caused by loose rocks which get thrown at the car on gravel roads, damages to the engine of the car caused by water getting into the motor. (Please see full details listed on the backside of rental agreement).


This protection includes damage to windscreen, headlights and the car when gravel or rocks get thrown on the vehicle by another car. (For now, the GP (Gravel Protection) is inclusive in the rental)


TP covers theft of the rental vehicle. (For now, the TP is inclusive in the lease)


Call 112

Break down service 24 hours call + (354) 869-1887. Map of Iceland and Reykjavik are free at rental location.



Obligations of the Renter:

1.       The Renter accepts the provisions of this lease contract and has received a copy of it.

2.       The driver shall be at least 20 years of age (23 when renting a jeep) and shall have held a driving license for at least one year before leasing a vehicle. The Renter shall abide by Icelandic law and regulations when driving.

3.       The Renter shall return the vehicle as stated below:

a)      With all attachments, including tires, tools, documents, maps and other items that were in or on the vehicle upon rental, in the same condition as upon reception, except for normal wear and tear from use. The Renter agrees that if something is missing his credit card will be charged the cost of individual items that disappeared.

b)      At the predetermined time as stated on the front page of the rental agreement or sooner if the car rental demands it.

c)      At the automobile rental location unless otherwise agreed. If at the end of the leasing period the vehicle is not left at car rental´s venue of rent, car rental is authorized to charge the Renter for pick-up of the vehicle according to its price list.

d)      With a full tank of fuel. If not, the car rental is authorized to charge the renter for the difference in fuel.

4.       The Renter shall pay for the fuel and other costs for driving the vehicle for the period the vehicle is of her or his responsibility. According to the interpretation of this agreement, it´s never a shorter time than the period the car rental has to register the vehicle in its system as returned.

5.       If the Renter does not return the vehicle at the correct time according to this lease agreement or negotiates extended Rental with the car rental office, the automotive rental or the police are authorized to take possession of the vehicle without further notice at the Renter´s expense. Extended rental is subject to the consent of the car rental. If the Renter returns the car one hour or more after the expiry of the lease period, the automobile rental is authorized to collect as much as a one-day rent according to this agreement. For every day that begins after that, the car rental charges as per the company´s price list.

6.      The Renter has objective liability in respect of the vehicle towards the automobile rental. For example, if the vehicle is damaged or stolen or if the insurance company won’t compensate.

7.      The Renter has objective liability in respect of the car rental for damage derived from the use of the vehicle. The automobile rental´s company will compensate, including damage to passengers or other persons.

8.      The Renter is liable for harm derived from the use of the vehicle. The vehicle´s insurance company will not cover, e.g. damage to the vehicle or passengers as a cause of the following factors:

a)      Off-road driving

b)      Driving in rivers or any watercourses

c)      Intentional actions or major negligence

d)      Driver´s usage of intoxicants

e)      Usage of the vehicle that is in breach of Icelandic law or the provisions of this rental agreement.

9.       The Renter is unauthorized:

a)      Off-road driving, for example, in paths and tracks, on beaches, in areas only accessible during low tide, or in other trackless areas.

b)      Driving on F-roads, as well as driving the Kjölur or Kaldidalur roads, except vehicles in the category 4WD (four-wheel drive vehicles) that the car rental agrees as appropriate for being driven on such highways. A breach of this Article authorizes the car rental to collect fines from the Renter, equaling the amount of own-risk cf. the price list of the car rental at any given time. The provision mentioned above on tickets does not affect the Renter´s liability regarding damage when:

c)       driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

d)      driving in or across rivers or watercourses. Such driving, is entirely the responsibility of the Renter, cf. also Item i, Article 30.

e)      driving in banks of snow and ice.

10.   In the instance of collision or another accident, the Renter shall immediately notify the police, as well as the car rental. The Renter may not leave the venue of collision or accident until the police have arrived, or a damage report has been filled out.  The Renter shall immediately fill out the accident report if damage has occurred. If the Renter does not report the damage within 12 hours from its occurrence, the Renter is fully liable for the damage and shall in such instance pay for it in full irrespective of the collision damage waiver (CDW) that is attached to the insurance taken out by the Renter at the beginning of the rent.

11.   The Renter is not authorized to have repairs or changes made of the vehicle and its attachments or to place them as guarantees without the prior consent of the car rental.

12.   The Renter is responsible for all parking tickets and fines for traffic violations. The car rental reserves the right to collect a charge from the Renter, charged on his or her credit card, according to the car rental´s price list, if it turns out that the car rental has to pay fines for the Renter or inform the authorities about the Renter because of traffic violations.

13.   The Renter is not authorized to use the vehicle for transporting passengers against payment, lend it or sub-lease it.

14.   The Renter shall pay all collection costs that fall on the car rental if the vehicle launches collection measures because of this rental agreement.

15.   The Renter is responsible for all expenses derived from transporting the vehicle to the car rental´s location, as decided by the automobile rental, in the event of transportation because of an accident or damage to the vehicle, or for other reasons. In such instance, the collision damage waiver (CDW) has no impact.

Obligations of IcePole Car Rental:

16.  IcePole Car Rental guarantees that the vehicle meets the requirements made on it.

17.   The rented car shall have a full fuel tank.

18.   IcePole Car Rental promises to do its utmost to make the vehicle available at the agreed hour. The leaseholder shall drop the said day if the vehicle is not delivered to the Renter within 8 hours after the agreed rental time.

19.   If the vehicle malfunctions because of normal wear and tear, or for other reasons for which the Renter cannot be at fault, the car rental shall make another vehicle available to the Renter as soon as possible. Otherwise, the car rental shall see to it that the repairs are made as quickly as possible at the location decided by the car rental. The aforementioned does not affect the payment of the rent or other which the Renter should pay according to this lease agreement. The automobile rental pays no compensation in the instances stated above, neither because of accommodation or other.

20.   The car rental shall inform the Renter of the contents of this rental agreement, particularly the obligations the Renter undertakes by signing it.

21.   The car rental shall to the extent possible inform foreign Renters about the Icelandic traffic regulations, the traffic signs and the rules prohibiting off-road driving, as well as the hazards caused by the presence of animals on the roads.

22.   It must be in writing, upon the signing of this rental agreement, if the car rental wishes to limit the use of a vehicle concerning its structure and the conditions of the roads, in other respects than stated in this rental agreement.

23.   The car rental guarantees to always have valid liability insurance for its operation.

24.   The car rental is not liable for the disappearance of items or damage to them, which the Renter or another party kept or transported in or on the vehicle. Insurance and own risk fee (Collision Damage Waiver – CDW).

25.   The rental fee includes the mandatory car insurance, i.e. liability insurance and accident insurance for the driver and the owner.

26.   Third-party liability insurance and the accident insurance for the driver are to the amount stipulated by Icelandic law at any given time. The Renter´s own-risk (CDW) because of damage to a vehicle may amount to the full value of the car; cf. a further stipulation of own risk on the front page of this contract.

27.   The Renter may pay an own risk fee and thereby reduce his or her liability. The amount of the own-risk fee is according to the price list of the car rental. Notwithstanding the payment of the own-risk tax, the Renter is always obligated to pay a minimum amount in the event of damage to the rented vehicle during the time the vehicle is the responsibility of the Renter. For more info see the own risk fee in the terms or the price list of the car rental. Each own risk only applies to one incident. In instances of more damage that apparently did not occur at one and the same time, each own-risk CDW applies to only one incident.  The self-risk is collected immediately in the case of accident or injuries.

28.   The amounts of own-risk fees (CDW) vary, depending on how high the sum of damage they apply. In respect of own-risk fees (CDW) and to which harm amounts such payments apply, see terms or the price list of the car rental, which is a part of this rental agreement if an own risk fee is paid (CDW). The payment of an own risk fee (CDW) does not reduce the Renter´s risk because of damage to the vehicle in the following instances:

a)     Intentional harm or damage resulting from extreme negligence by the driver.

b)     The blow caused by the driver being under the influence of intoxicants or is in other respects incapable of controlling the vehicle in a safe manner.

c)     Loss arising out of racing or test-driving.

d)     Damage resulting from warfare, revolution, riots and civil unrest. The harm caused by animals.

e)     Holes burned into the seats, carpet or mats.

f)      Damage is affecting only wheels, tires,  suspension, batteries, glass, radio equipment, as well as damage due to the theft of individual parts of the vehicle and damage derived thereof.

g)     The mishap caused by driving on rough roads; e.g. damage to the transmission, the driveshaft, other units in or on the chassis of the vehicle, damage to the frame of the vehicle caused by the vehicle bumping against uneven roads and so forth. ; road shoulders caused by motor graders, rocks lodged in gravel roads or by the edges of highways. The same applies to damage resulting from loose rocks hitting the bottom of the vehicle when being driven.

h)     The harm caused by driving the vehicle in areas where driving it is banned, for example, driving on paths, tracks, banks of snow, ice over or in unabridged rivers, streams or other watercourses, on beaches, places that are only accessible during low tide or other trackless areas.

i)      Damage to vehicles caused by driving on roads marked with an F in maps and on the Kjölur and Kaldidalur roads.

j)      Damage to the vehicle caused by sand, gravel, ash, pumice or other kinds of earth materials hitting against it.

k)    Payment of the own-risk fee does not apply to damage caused by seawater.

l)      Damage to the car rental because of the stolen vehicle.

m)    Water damage to the vehicle.

29.   Subject to the payment of a special fee, TP fee, the Renter can reduce his or her liability for the car rental´s damage derived from the stolen vehicle. Notwithstanding the payment of the TP fee, the Renter must always pay a minimum amount for the stolen vehicle while at the responsibility of the Renter. This value is in the price list of the car rental.

General provisions:

No insurance covers damage to the chassis of a vehicle or caused by driving in rivers or lakes. The own risk fees (CDW and SCDW) do not include such harm. The Renter is fully liable for such damage; see further the item above on insurance. 

30.   In a case of a vehicle illegally parked, abandoned or used in an improper manner, that does not conform to this rental agreement or law and regulations the car rental is authorized to take possession of the rented car at its discretion and without notice.

31.   In instances where the car rental exercises its right according to those mentioned above, this by no means affects the payment of the rental fee or other which the Renter shall pay according to this lease agreement.  The car rental decides unilaterally at any given time whether it provides the Renter another vehicle instead of the rented one, i.e. in instances of any breach of the lease agreement. If the Renter receives another vehicle of a different and less expensive type, the Renter will receive no reimbursement of the balance. If there is only a more expensive vehicle available, however, the car rental reserves the right to collect the balance between the rented vehicle and the vehicle which the car rental decided to make available instead to the Renter, charged to the credit card presented by the Renter at the beginning of the rent or later.

32.   The car rental is authorized to charge to the Renter´s credit card the rental fee and other taxes the Renter should pay according to this lease agreement. Damage to a vehicle while in possession of the Renter, and because of lost rental days can be taken into consideration. The car rental alone shall hold power to decide when this apply and whether done in one transaction or not. This right remains intact for six (6) months after returning the vehicle to the car rental. The Renter´s signature to this lease agreement equal´s the Renter´s signature to credit-card withdrawals because of the payments that the car rental charges against the Renter´s credit card and which the car rental should rightfully receive on the grounds of the provisions of this rental agreement.

33.   The Renter confirms with his or her signature to this lease agreement and the damage report that he or she received the vehicle and attachments in sound condition.

34.   This rental agreement shall always be in the vehicle while at the responsibility of the Renter.

35.   Any amendments or annexes to this lease agreement are subject to being made in writing and confirmed with the signatures of both parties to the contract.

36.   This rental agreement and agreements entered into on the grounds of the provisions mentioned above, as well as other possible claims for damages, fall under the auspices of Icelandic law, this applies both to the fields and calculation of compensation. The same applies to requests for damages by liability outside of agreements. A case arising from this agreement should be in the proper venue of the car rental.

37.   Matters of disagreement between the parties to this lease agreement can go before the Arbitration Committee of the Icelandic Consumers Association and the Icelandic Travel Industry Association.

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